i just bought a microsoft wireless keyboard and the question mark and coma are both È how do i swap it back to the english version of the keyboard. its driving me insane not being able to use question marks.


People give the wrong advice to this problem all the time. This is how you fix it...you ready?

Fixed. :)

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french haters
you live in Canada, the official language is french, relax!
just press shirt and 6 at the same time. I got used to it!
Vive le Français!

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homme vert, thank you so freaking much! i was in the middle of writing something, and since i was used to using my english keyboard, at school i always press the thing but it gives the é by just pressing it like normally. thank u so very much :)

Hehe mine is wacked to and all i do is press shift and 6 its qiute simple!

You may also press ctrl+shift+shift. This works for my Dell laptop.

I had the same problem with my Dell. There was a (default) hotkey combo set when I installed Windows 7. I disabled it by going to

Control Panel -> Region and Language -> Keyboards and Languages

click on Change Keyboards...

select the Advanced Key Settings tab

You can set or disable the hotkeys here.

Merci beaucoup kind sir. This is much appreciated. By the way, I needed to press LSHIFT+RSHIFT+LCTRL.

I had to press left shit+right shift+left control +right control for my Compaq! Wow what a pain that was! I was in the dark on how to fix it for a long time!

You Canadians are weird :-P

noo eniemeenie... you just press ctrl + shift... then press shift + the button that bears the "?"

I am trying to fix this same issue you had in the past- with the french e instead of the question mark - I always get the fix mixed up!

Press (but don't hold) the left shift and left ctrl buttons at the same time

Alt + shift works. Ctrl+ Shift has NEVER worked for me. I have a logitech keyboard, and I don't know if that matters or not, but Alt+Shift always works for me....

Thanks Stepside, I can't tell you how many links I looked at and how many suggestions I tried before your most simple solution. Thank you, thank you!! So simple - also very easy to accidentally hit that key combination and turn it back on:(

Control+shift did't work for me either but control+shift+shift did.

control+shift+shift worked for my Dell desktop.

thanks guys

well i just tried the lshift+lcntrl and it worked...

dell inspiron - canada

thx Stepside! Worked for mine! THX again!

No worries! Can't believe I posted this 4 years ago lol

Switching keyboard back to English. Use same steps to switch back to French.
1. Press- Shift key
2. While still holding down Shift - Press down on Ctrl key-Hold both keys down together, for less then a second.
3.Now release both Shift & Ctrl at the same time.
4 Press down on Shift Key only once again & Release.

Than you Stepside, Your reply still is useful after 6 years. It fixed my problem.