My daughter has scrached her finding nemo and shrek dvds so bad i had to buy her new ones, my imac g5 has a dvd burner, i was wondering how to copy the movies onto my computer and burn copys of them so i do not have to buy her nemo and shrek again. i am fully aware of the illegal side of this matter, but i know it is legal to burn copys for myself for personal use and not for distribution. pls help

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if it has only one dvd burner u need a program like Alcohol 120% of ultraiso, or similar that can make an image of the dvd and then burn the image. I think thats wat u do anyway.


I use Roxio Toast for all of my disk burning needs. I have not tried to copy a DVD Movie though... I only have one device. Not certain if copy protection schemes are involved either.


As you said in your original post, it IS legal to make a personal back up.
You can use a dvd ripper like MacTheRipper (great name isn't it?) which you can find on versiontracker, and then burn it using Toast.
MacThe Ripper can also bypass protection schemes and region limitations. Hey - this is your movie, you've paid for it, you have the right to use it any way you want.

I am very new to this and found DVD Shrink(free online download)simple to use.(1)place disk in drive(2)Click"DVD Shrink"desktop icon(3)when it comes up,click <open>,after it analyzes the disk,click<Back up>,pop in blank DVD.

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