Hello Everyone.

My XPS1710 has been acting up recently after i changed the ram in it. Whenever i play a game such a WoW for any period of time it crashes with a bluescreen saying "Hardware Failure, Please consult your distributor" and thats it, no stop errors or anything.

Thinking it was the ram i changed it back out and i coudl play for a longer period but in the end it still happens.

One Noticable thing i may mention is that the laptop has been putting off alot of head, enough to cook bacon im sure which could be the problem or not. Does anyone have any ideas as to how i can go about fixing this with such a blunt error? Let me know what i need to provide and i will.

Thank you all in advance!

If the Laptop is very hot, this would point to overheating being the cause of your BSOD. The hardware failure error would be the Laptop telling you that it has stopped itself from overheating by showing the BSOD, forcing you to shut-down or reboot. I would see if you can add more fans into the laptop itself or keep the laptop as cool as possible, not blocking the fans currently in use. Did the BSOD have any white error text that looked similar to: "0x0000..."?
If it did have an error message like that, jot it down if it next appears and post it here.

yeah try and blow the dust out of the fans

its possible however that it could have overheated to such an extent that it caused permenant damage to the components

There are no numbers at all which is why i am stumped, i usually use that and fix things fairly easy lol.

The odd thing is, my GF can use it for days on end without ever shutting it down, she just browses the net, watches movies... nothing intense. Then when either of us goes to play a game, it runs for maybe 30min to an hour and crashes like that.

The fans were never blocked but one did seem to be running alittle slower than the other, but i dont see that cooling it as much as it seems it needs to be cooled.

its a cooling issue on the GPU

Definitely looks like a problem with your cooling. Check to see what can be done by Dell or yourself to increase the amount of cooling.

Yeah its definitly a cooling issue but not with the GPU, i am monitoring all the temperatures right now and they all average 60-66 celcius. However, Through monitoring i noticed my CPU will bake up to 75 before my fans even turn on.

I am using Hardware Sensors Monitor 4.4 to do this, and when i started WoW everything started heating up of course, and the GPU stayed around 64 65 which is normal operating temp but the cpu started rising and when it broke 70 i looked at the fan speed to only see they werent running.

To make sure it was the fans and not the program i put my ear to the ports and there was no sound, until finally they kicked in and the program picked it up. Then the temp dropped to 67 and its been in that small 66-68 range ever since, i will leave the game running and watch to temperatures to see if that is indeed the problem.