Hi there,
I have a Sony Vaio PCG-FRV26 which bleeps on boot.

I think that the keyboard may be defective. Running a keyboard checker showed that the 'F9' key was showing as being depressed all of the time and although the software allowed me to disable it... I am fairly sure that this only takes effect after Windows has been loaded ... which means that the keyboard detection at boot up, before Windows loads, still goes on.

Going onto BIOS there appears to be no way to disable it or find a bootlog of any description. I have tried various programs to create a bootlog without success.

I have checked Events logs etc all without proving the keyboard issue.

Can anyone help?

The "F9" key is stuck and/or the kbd needs cleaning.

Well, yes.. that is what I found out!
I could not find a way to disable the key before the Hardware error bleep.... so I bought a new keyboard and replaced it - very easy... now the computer works fine.


Hi, Allan

I have the same problem after some soymilk accidently poured into the keyboard. It seems to be the up and down arrow keys that got stuck. Plus the c key is not working. I fond that the keyboard is $99 too expensive, so I want to disable the keyboard and use another external one instead. How do I disable it?



Hi there,
Looks like th keyboard has come to a sticky end...

Not sure how to disable it softwarewise... but you could try the BIOS at boot and see if there is a way to disable it that way - although I doubt it... the best way would be to actually disconnect it by taking the laptop apart... there are instructions on the web somewhere that I don't remember at this moment.. but it wasn't too difficult.. there are hidden catches at the top of the keyboard..


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