I've looked into some old threads concerning drifting cursors and docking stations but there hasn't been one that solves my problem.

My cursor moves from the right to the upper left hand corner of my screen without touching it. I've disconnected the optical mouse I've been using to see if it was causing the problems. I've cleaned it (no dust or dirt) so no debris is interferring with the light. Then I restarted the computer without the mouse connected leaving just the touchpad to navigate. Unfortunately doing that did nothing, the cursor continues to move to the left corner. The problem only stops when I disconnect the laptop from the docking station. Sadly, I'm not willing to give up using the docking station because it has other devices connected to it (logitech webcam, tablet etc). I've tried using another mouse to see if that would solve the problem, but it still persists.

This occured when I ill-advisedly disconnected the laptop from the docking station without shutting down the computer first and then reattaching it also without turning the computer off first. I've restarted the computer hoping it would reset itself, but nothing.

I've also updated the driver for both the touchpad and the mouse and looked for a solution from HP, but no one else seems to have experienced the same problem. I even tried to restore to a point before this problem, but it didn't help. I ran server antivirus scans and spyware scans and nothing's been detected.

The problem went away after a few hours of not connecting it to the docking station. Now it's working normally while reconnected to the dock.

I have no idea how it got fixed (didn't do anything) but I'm not complaining. I just hope it stays norma.

The problem still occurs.. still don't know how to fix it.

My only guess is that you have a conflict between the internal laptop mouse (trackpad) and your external mouse.

1. Test with a different external mouse.
2. Disable the trackpad mouse in BIOS.
3. Remove laptop from dock and connect mouse directly to the laptop.

Does your situation change with any of the above options?

The mouse is currently connected to the laptop directly. I've tried with another mouse, but the problem remains. It doesn't matter whether the mouse is connected or not. Even with just the touch pad (no mouse connected) the cursor will still move erratically.

The only thing that stops the movement is the dosconnect the laptop from the dock :(.

Thanks for the suggestions.

its normal

i get it on an ibm laptop with no docking station

its due to changes in changes in temp affecting the trackpad apparently

It wasn't normal to me. Before last week it was never an issue. I think it's cause by the connection between the laptop and the docking station. It only stop moving around if I disconnect it from the dock.

Thanks for the info though.

I have a hp tx2500 with the same docking station (xb3000). and i am having exactly the same problem. besides the mouse jumping up and down, i also have my usb keyboard freeze for a few seconds occasionally.

i have checked with various mice and keyboard and the problem persists. gaming is a nightmare on this. turning off the OS power saving for the usb root hubs wouldnt help. thats not the cause, i guess.

i am on a successful run without the problem, after i did the following. i usually leave the laptop closed when connected to the expansion dock (the screen inside, not the tablet mode). I had a doubt whether the touch screen was touching against some keys (top left and bottom let) which might trigger the mouse movements to those corners. I checked it with the lid of the laptop partially open - my mouse is stable since then (fingers crossed, can never say for sure with Hp's build quality).

try it out. I will post here if i still get the mouse jumps. the xb3000 is not a very good product though.