aright I'm gonna resurrect an old problem, but add a twist:

i can see my second SATA drive in device manager, but cannot see it in My Computer, ive already checked out the thread based on this problem but hasnt fixed it for me yet. K my twist is this: on that thread it said you have to reformat, but i have information on that drive that i would really like to keep. is there a way i can add it to my computer without formating it, if i have to use the utilities that came with the hard drive (which ill be using after this post) then what utility?

no this isnt a new HDD
has information i like to keep on there
Maxtor - 160 SATA

if you need more hardware info. please tell me,


I'll assume that all bios settings supporting the drive are enabled.
Drop to dos level and see if fdisk can see the drive, you may just have a bad MBR.
Another mfg. that I know of has a utility to clone drives and/or select folders, not sure that's the case with yours.

I just went ahead and reformatted it, did it just a few moments ago, of course before i think to check the thread... anyways i just didnt want to take time to get all my media back, had about 150 gigs of media :(