I'm having a problem with my DVD RW drive. I've been burning a bunch of DVD's with it fine, but sometimes burns don't work because my computer won't let me access the drive, even when I go into "My Computer" and try to view the contents of the blank DVDR disc. It says "E:\ drive not accessible. Incorrect function." I can't explore the contents of the disc, and when I open up the properties of the drive it says there's no capacity for information.

I restarted my computer and tried putting in other discs but it's the same issue. What's also weird is that when there's no disc in there, on My Computer the drive is listed as DVD-RW Drive E. When I put a DVDR in it changes the name to CD Drive. I turned Autoplay off yesterday and don't know if that's affecting it, but there's also one more thing it does weird.

When I have no disc in either disc drive and click on one, it just asks to insert a disc. When I put the DVDR in the DVD-RW drive, the CD-RW drive can be opened and its contents explored, though there are none. It doesn't have the capacity for anything since there's no disc, so it still reads as having 0 bytes available, but I don't know if this all helps show what's wrong.

If the problem got lost in all this talk, the problem is my DVD-RW (E) drive won't let me open its contents and won't access a DVDR that's in there.

Any ideas?

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>>>my computer won't let me access the drive
New discs can be bad for little or no reason. MyComputer can't read an "empty" disc.


The problem could also be down to the type of disc. are you using DVD-R or DVD+R?

I am having the same problem with my DVD Drive. I was making several copies of a photo disc with music set to the photo's and all of a sudden I received an error message E:\ is not accessable incorrect function. I have tried everything that I know to try with no results. I have unstalled and reinstalled the drive, I went to the drive's Property and enabled record to this drive. My E: drive will read, but not copy.

Does anyone have a solution? Thanks for any help you may offer

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