A couple of weeks ago my Tibook's hard drive died. I ordered a new hard drive and cd-drive(superdrive) and installed them. The computer looks and sounds like everything is fine. However, while installing Panther I have run into problems. The screen that instructs the user to choose a volume on which to install: there are no choices for me to pick. In the past there has been a labeled icon of my hard drive. Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated. I miss my powerbook :sad:

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It sounds to me that your hard drive is not formatted.

Boot with the Panther CD, and when you get to the first screen (Welcome?) there will be a blue apple in the upper left corner. Click it, and choose Disk Utility. Inside of there, you will find tools to format your new drive.

While you are at it, you might wish to format your big new drive into 2 or three partitions. That way, if you ever have to format your system drive (or accidentially do it) you can keep your data on another partition, and it will be protected from the format. Note that partitions do not protect against physical hard drive damage.

My laptop has 3 partitions: System, Applications, and Data.

If you do this, Give your system one some space -- 8 GB or so. Also note that if you partition your drive, there is no way to re-partition without reformatting everything. So think wisely before you commit the changes. Once the partitioning is done, you can then format the drives, and continue your installation.

And if you do partition, name your volumes appropariately.



Thank you so much for your advice. You were dead on! It works beautifully! :cheesy:

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