I have read all the "vertical line" posts and can't find one that is just like mine so I joined DaniWeb and am posting this question. The general problem is that when I boot my Windows XP Prof machine the Samsung 910T flat panel monitor hanging off the digital cable goes into a patchwork or vertical multi-colored lines. Then, once the boot process reaches the point where you select the user for log in the picture is restored. However, the icons are larger and I can't pick any settings in the display control panel to get a finer resolution. Also, hanging a monitor off the VGA port shows the whole boot process with no colored lines.

I was playing Tiger Woods EA Golf when this happened for the very first time. I had pressed the Windows key and the Tab key I think in an attempt to escape out of the game. I am not sure of the key combinations as I was just experimenting trying to escape back to the desktop without stopping the game. (There was no obvious way to minimize the game). Anyway, some magical key combination resulted in a full screen of vertical, multi-colored lines. At that point I did a hard shut down and then started experiencing the display problems during boot.


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Mysteriously this problem seems to have disappeared. The monitor is normal during the boot process and I can now set the resolution to 1280 by 1024.


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