I have an obviously older Vaio pcg-fx140, that has been running fine for years. Lately when I try to power it up using the green power swith on the top cover, the three lights on that cover will flash and nothing else will happen. The battery is in poor condition, but able to hold a charge for a while. When I try to start the computer using only battery power, the result is the same, the three light will flash, but it will not power up. I have checked the AC power supply, and it appears to be fine and delivering the correct voltage. I'm stumped. Could the on - off button be at fault, or could it be the switch itself under that cover?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You've probably found your prob. any kind of switch declines in reliablity as the unit it's in gets older. They corrode, burn out, get dirty, etc. Unless you're techno savy, it's probably best to take to shop. You weren't specific but it's assumed that you're trying to boot up with the AC power supply?

Thanks for the reply Mechbas. Yes I have been using the AC power supply. I've had this notebook stripped right down to the bottom plastic before, so I don't mind pulling a board or two out to see if I can clean up a switch. I was thinking of trying a little sprayclean or such on the switches. This is my daughters computer, and I'm just trying ti keep it alive long enough until she can afford something newer.

If you're going that far, the spray idea MIGHT work, however, some rouge or fine emery cloth may be useful, but if you do that remember to use the spray anyway.

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