Hey guys
I got a huge problem. Yesterday I had to shut off my computer because before it was on stand by but when i turned it on i had to enter a password for my user which i dont have, it does that which is weird but all i have to do is restart.
Then it gave me no signal and monitor went on stand by...I turned it off and on again and now the weird part, i got 4 beeps from the MB. 1 is longer, the other 3 are the same so it basicly goes like this:

*beeep* *bip bip bip*

Its weird. Im tired of all the troubles with my comp so bad i wanna shoot myself. I recently rebuilt it, it worked fine. Now this again.
The funny thing is i got the blue screen of death about 10 minutes before that. I restarted and it worked fine, so i thought everything was ok..i guess i was wrong.
Please help.

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For the beeps, as beep codes vary from one mfg. to the next you'll have to contact mfg's site for exact definitions.
Beeps usually mean a critical hardware error. You might want to clean the fins, etc. on your CPU cooler.

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