Hi, I'm currently having some trouble with my old NEC Multisync 1700V monitor.
Its been approximately a few months... ~ my house had a power-out for a few minutes.. and the moment the power came back the monitor stopped working.
The following are some images of the monitor in its current condition
"m just wondering what exactly is wrong with the monitor, and I'm rather curious if there are any possible fixes to this problem.

oh, forgot to mention that ....
1.)when the monitor is turned on it shuts down on its own within 1minute or so.
2.) the monitor was turned ON when the power-out occured

thanks for the attention :)

It looks like the data board fried when the power fluctuated. When there is a power out problem there is usually a wild flux in the voltage. I had it happen to a pc i owned during a thunder snowstorm (NH USA), and since, I'm on a UPS that powers a power strip for all my PC related gizmos. Get you hands on a used one that displays data but is cracked, and start swapping parts.