Dear members:

does any one know please where do isend my laptop to be opened to take out the old hd and put a new hd in? (checked bestbuy, circui tcity, staples, and my nearest toshiba laptop providers: all do it for at least 70 dollars just for taking out hd and installing a new one!)?
Also, can you tell me how to open up a laptop or articles that do show you how step by step and other things? please let me know as soon as u can! thank you very much

How you access/change a laptop drive depends entirely on the make and model. With some laptops you only need to take out a screw or two, but with others you need to disassemble half of the machine. If you're getting price quotes of $70, my bet is that your particular laptop isn't one of the easier models to get into.

There are "teardown" instructions which you can find on the web; Google for the terms:

<your laptop's model> drive replace

you might get lucky.

i have TOSHIBA satellite 1400-s151. therefore do uknow an article for this specific laptop or similar which has step by step procedure to open up the laptop (i think i do have the one u mentioned because i unscrewed everything and it just does't come out that way :(

i know where it is but don't know how to take it out (its like its stuck or something). the link u gave me doesn't help because it doesn't say how to do it (just tells me to go to the nearest provider to do it). i unscrewed everything but still does't move an inche (tried sliding it also). so i think i have to dismantle the laptop or open in half in order toget the hd out. therefore, can you tell me please how do u do that (any information will help:)) thank u very much

Oh man its SUPER easy.. you don't have to dismantle it.. there is a release latch that your missing.. i don't have mine anymore so I can't take a pic of it..

like the drive casing should slide right out.

well just to let u now, when i open the one screw where the hd is, i see the tray and the hd is covered in silver shiny paper, so i can't really see the hd just the wrapped up shinny paper covering it. therefore, can youtell me what is the purpose of doing that and what is it for (the shinny silver paper thing?)