can anyone help me , i had my mate on the phone last night with a number of problems , i sorted them all out (which was no easy task over the phone to someone that doesnt know their around a pc ) apart from one problem and that was any cd/dvd's he puts in wont autorun he has to go to my computer and click on the disc drive to get them to play , i have been looking on the net for ways to enable this and all seem to be by editing a reg file which will be impossible for me to explain to a complete novice over the phone so is there a simple method that anyone knows of ??

See if this helps.

thanks dcc,that will help a lot , but rather than going through it over the phone i will have to ask him to bring is computer to me so i can sort it for him as i cant drive and cannot do it by remote as hes in the dark ages still on dial up so you can imagine it will take a week to connect to his pc .

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