I tried searching the forum for awhile to see if I can find someone with a similar problem as I but nobody seems to...I recently acquired an old PC:
2.6 GHZ
80 GIG Western Digital Harddrive
ATi Raedon 64MB
No Floppy drive but a DVD-ROM

The previous owner was experiencing some problems with the operating system so I decided to try and reformat the system to start fresh. I put the XP PRO install CD and rebooted the system but it continues to start up Windows. I then tried to go into BIOS and change the device order to boot from CD(it DOES recognize the drive) and disable the harddrive. When I reboot the system it continues to start up Windows. While getting frustrated, I used a program called KillDisk to try and reformat the drive but after the process, it basically wiped out the original operation system. Now when I try and boot the system it does the memory check then turns into a black screen. Since this system did not have a floppy, I went and got one and tried and old boot disk(after changing the boot order) but all it does it act the same as the DVD-ROM(it tries and run the disk/CD then stops, trys and run the disk/CD then stops and nothing...just the black screen)

Is there any suggestions on how I can get this system running...I have no idea why I can't boot from the DVD-ROM or a: drive...

the cd drive isnt bootable then

and the DOS boot disks dont work for xp, you can download xp ones off the ms site (you need 8 i think)