This is the headset that I have.
I have been trouble with my microphone. My microphone never worked. Is there a software I needed to install for it to work? Thanks
Motherboard - ASUS p5nsli
Ram - 4g
Processor - Intel Pentium 4 E641
Audio - Motherboard's built in
Graphics - Nvidia 8800GT Alpha Wolf Edition
OS - Windows XP Home Edition SP2

Have you checked the mic setup and volume etc in your audio properties ?

Go to this section of Logitech if you haven't already: Logitech Premuim Stereo Headset and check for solutions. From what I read this mic has a high defective rate, and may require a replacement. Good luck.

Thanks guys. I ordered a new headset, its coming in today, I hope it works and hopefully not being my computer messed up ^^