All 4 of the USB ports on my Toshiba Satellite A105 lap top have gone dead. When I plug in a flash drive nothing happens.

Wired mouse operation is very erratic to the point the mouse is useless.

My MP3 player plugs into a USB to connect to the computer and to charge the player's battery. It works on my desk top but not on the lap top.

I tried reinstalling the XP operating system; had no effect.

Based on the fact that it won't charge my MP3 player I'm guessing it's a power supply problem. Is there a a diagnostic I can run to verfiy? Also, is this a complicated repair or can someone who's reasonably handy do it?


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call Toshiba support?

FIXED!! Went to Tosiba's tech support web site, downloaded and ran a BIOS flash, USB ports are now working. :-)

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