OK here is the deal. I bought a Linksys USB Wireless card (model number WUSB54GSC) to connect to my wireless network at my house. I ran the driver, plugged in the card and my PC won't recognize it. the USB port works because it will run my external HDD.

I have tried calling the Linksys customer support but that was a joke. After waiting on hold for 45 min (well my phone was on speaker while i played Guitar Hero III) the stupid rep couldn't even help me. he said that it could be a malfunctioning card but that is the second one that has done this.

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You need to install the drivers BEFORE the card.

Then you need to tell it to use the windows zero configuration software, instead of the linksys crap (requires xp sp2)


you know the linksys wireless thingy in the system tray?

right click it and choose "use zero configuration"

then it should show up in network connections

try a different USB port maybe?


ok thanks
I'm at work now but i will try that when i get home and let ya know tomorrow.


yeah the linksys s/w is known to cause problems. Its only installed because xp < sp2 has no native wireless support, so everything was done using the manufacturers software

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