Well i have a Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset family graphics card.
All works and fine and ive downloaded the latest drivers but,

When i tried to play joint task force the game said i didnt have pixel shader and vertex shader.
But intels website says that my graphics card does support the two options.

And i have downloaded the latest drivers as well from there website.
Im running windows vista premium
on a satellite a205-s4577 Toshiba laptop

o and icanrunit.com also says that i have pixel/vertex shader version 0.0

Can any one give me some advise on how to fix this, or some other way i can get these two hardware options to work, or bypass the games requirements b/c it wont even start (error comes up saying my hardware doesn't support this feature)

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no it wont work

the intel chips are not for games, they are not proper graphics cards.

no it wont work

the intel chips are not for games, they are not proper graphics cards.

ya i know that but the web site says that it supports both of these functions

version 0.0? probably means it has no version

ya i know and thats the problem..

the video card supports both fetures but for some reason there not working according to game installers and icanrunit.com

I've tried to run COD2 on 945 - no luck. get a proper PC

ok ya i figured that out already.

But my question is why does pixel/vertex shader come up as not being there while installing a game, when they should be

because they are not there

opps im so sorry my bad
on this site
it says this "Intel provides an optimized graphics pipeline for vertex processing that is included in Microsoft* DirectX"

so i guess the cafrd doesnt support it.
so i guess this sucks...is there any way to buy a new graphics card for a laptop without buying a whole new one

no a new laptop is needed

intel is not a real graphics card, it draws windows on the screen and thats about it - no games

i was afriad you were going to say that..o well i can still play my favorite games *warrock, flyff* so im happy. now im waiting till i get my old computer back..3.0MHz, 1gb video ram, 4gb ram :)..its customized just for gaming

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