I am using windows xp operating system on tecra 8100 laptop. All of a sudden it stopped working. There is no sound of any fan, but lights come one such as power battery and the last light to the right. And nothing else! Nothing comes on the screen. :mad: Can anyne help me or tell what is going on? What can i do to start this computer?

Any help will be apreciated.

TC :?:

Have you called Toshiba Tech support? That sounds like the LEDs might be giving you some kind of error code. Without knowing their LED coding scheme, nobody here could tell you anything...

Hello all,

Although you've probably already junked this laptop, I had the exact same problem. I also have a Toshiba Tecra 8100 and my laptop was acting like it wanted to start and lights would come on and stay on but nothing would come on the screen. I finally found out that it was actually the memory modules. The ram sticks are held in by these cheap plastic clips that hold the memory down in place. These clips had worn out and were not holding the memory down far enough for the laptop to go through is POST startup. I wedged something between memory and laptop case to force ram down in place and now it works.
I hope this helps anyone who may pass here.