I have a Compaq Presario 2140US got it in 04 stopped working by 06. I have had it just laying around now i have a use for it, so i need a lil trouble shooting help!!! Problem is the Lap Top will not boot up. It goes to the Compaq Screen says "it says press f2 to enter set up and f12 to boot from LAN. I have tried to press both of these buttons and it doesn't do anything. i have checked to see if it was a hard drive problem it says " no hard drive detected. then i set everything to default settings and it says no operating system found

Can Someone Please HELP Me!!!!

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Replace the BIOS batt. and start over.

whats that and how do i it??? i know lil about computers i am a car audio guy lmao!!!


The batt. looks like a small shiny wafer. As these things need replacement from time to time access should be fairly easy. Consult your manual. If it's already gotten the best of you then take it to some service shop or at least a retailer for replacement. Shouldn't take more than a few min. Cost is minimal.

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