Well, I recently got an iLo monitor from Walmart in December, and there are two extremely annoying things going on with it.

1- It makes a really annoying buzzing sound, the kind that quickly drives you insane. It never goes away, and it's been doing this for a while now. The buzzing is so bad that I actually have to wear earplugs so I don't have to listen to it. I hate doing this, especially because if someone in the house is crying for help, I won't be able to hear them because the buzzing noise has me using earplugs.

2- I am a graphics artist, so I do a lot of digital images on the computer. Whenever I'm using the computer, the monitor will turn itself off for a few seconds. Sometimes it will do this 10 times in one minute. (And it did it just now.) It is extremely annoying, and it really gets on my nerves because I have to stop (there it goes again) what I'm doing because of it. This has also been happening for a while, and no matter how much I go through the settings, nothing helps. I tried looking in the booklet for the monitor, but there is no phone number, and it does not have an answer for this problem or the buzzing problem. I am starting to give up CGing because of this.

Is there anything I can do to fix these? Or should I just use my sister's monitor?

(excuse me for my excessive use of the word "annoying")

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If you only got it in December send the thing back it will be under warranty.:mad:


My dell monitor does this. Good piece ofkit otherwise though. Turned out the random powering off was loose power cable

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