Like what the title says. I'm pretty new to computers so please not too many technical terms. My computer says it is a Sony Boot CD-RW under Hardware. I got the disk out but the tray won't open. The Activity light is blinking rapidly. The manual eject and clicking eject don't work. Please help. Thank you for your time and effort.

I know I might get flamed for this but...look closely at your CDROM. There should be a small pinhole somewhere on the front. Stick an unfolded paperclip in that hole. It will push open the cd-rom tray. Once the tray sticks out a little, pull it open with your fingers.:eek:


Oh, I probably worded it wrong. I did the paperclip thing but the CD-Rom won't read, eject, or respond in any way. All it does is the activity light blink rapidly.

if the cd-rom is being picked up in windows and you can open and close it, but it cannot read cd's i guess the lazy os damaged or something.

How did u get ur cd out in the first place?

I used a paperclip and ejected it through the pinhole. It seems to have fixed itself. It stopped blinking and the eject button works now. Thanks for all your help. :cheesy:

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