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This looks like a good gaming mobo...The possible 4/8 gb expansion for RAM is fantastic...lots of SATA ports always important...And the SLI capable is great for gaming...
Just make sure that you use two GOOD video cards..I used two crappy ones as SLI... WORST DECISION EVER
I bought 2 8800 GTX and ran SLI and the quality was unbelievable

Good Gaming Motherboard :)


Yes, until the new 780i came out, that was the ultimate gaming motherboard.

The only difficulty you may face is that board does not support the brand new intel quad cores which (correct me if I'm wrong) arn't even released yet (Q9450 and Q9550 etc.)

However, many gamers are sticking to dual core at the moment (and anyway, if you want an intel quad, this board will run the amazingly cheap Q6600...)

The guys 'round at sliZone love this board apparently (well did until the 780i came out.


one high end 8800 is better for most games than two low/mid end 8600s in SLI

I agree totally....

One thing to add though the 8800GTS is half the price of the 8800GTX...

But the quality has a huge difference


Yeah it does, I used to have a 8600 GS, just got a 8800 GTX, and I was amazed at how much better the quality was.

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