My roommate walked away from her laptop, and when she came back about an hour later, it was off and wouldn't power up. The little light that says your plugged in doesn't even come on.

Likely culprit?

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it could be that the battery is dead...or the laptop died...

It's not the power cord, not the battery (tried spares of both that I know work), I cleaned the dust out of the machine, and I couldn't find any loose connections.

if the light that says you arent plugged in doesnt come on, the its most likely that where you plug the cord into the laptop, something went wrong there...

also, if you tried a different battery, was it fully charged? did you try a charged battery?

so as now to repeat stuff you already did, what did you check and find?

I had same problem , took of cover near power button and started by pressing start button, it works

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