When this computer booted, there was no keyboard functionality. I disconnected the keyboard, then plugged it into a different USB port. The lights came on, so I opened IE,a and selected the search box (Google) and the box began filling with plus signs.(++++++++++....) I disconnected the USB extension cable and cold booted the computer. Without the extra cable, the computer seemed nearly normal...(when i tested the KB, it added a couple of random plus signs into the characters.) The plus sign on the NUM pad was not physically stuck down, but it didn't work either. All the other keys produced output except that one. Could this really be as simple as a stuck key under the button...(I know that an eleven year old boy uses this computer frequently, and though I see no obvious spills, who knows?!) Instead of stuck button, maybe I should say malfunctioning button. I really want to resolve this because I have experienced this once before, and I discounted it as aresult of the computer being very, very old. As I previously mentioned, there was an extension cable to the usb port, and there is a rat's nest of wires (not literally) behind this computer. Is it an RFI or EMI issue, or just keyboard issue?
----After thinking this through a few minutes, and testing the extension cable on a separate device, I feel that the problem is purely in the keyboard.

The inside of the kbd is obviously contamimated, as you noted, spilled drinks that act like glue to any dirt, lint, etc.
>>>RFI or EMI issue, or just keyboard issue
do you have another server to try it on?

Well, a twenty dollar keyboard from Wal-Mart solved the problem. It just struck me as very strange that only the one key was affected, just like the last time I had this problem. Thanks for your help though. What a heel I am!

O.K., live and learn. Life without it would be fairly dull, yes?

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