I am using a gigabyte 7VT600 1394 motherboard. AMD 2800 processor at the auto settings on the motherboard It is running at 2075.00MHz, system buss of 166, and a multiplier of 12.5. Does this seem right or can I get more out of it. It seems a little slow for me and I am trying to learn more about clock speeds and frequency etc... Should I try to manually change the motherboard settings and if so what would be the optimum. I tryed to change the processor out to a AMD XP 3200 last night. reset the bios. The bios picked it up and showed the correct speed but the operating system seemed to have a problem with it. Intermitent blackouts. Any suggestions

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If you want to know the SPECIFIED clock speed of your CPU, you have to use an Intel. I learned this the hard way. I attempted to get the same info for (2) Athlon 64's I have. They do not publish this spec for anything older than dual-cores. I was referred to that page by AMD tech support, when I asked that they kindly tell me what that clock speed WAS that would void my warranty if I exceeded. Never did get an answer.

If you Google "CPU clock speed spec" with AMD and Intel, you will find that the Intel hits answer the question and the AMD hits will be hobbyist experimenting with their "toys".

If it's a toy, push it til it fails. If it's business, you need to use Intel; so that you can get answers to questions like this.


Your CPU clock sounds right. If I were you I'd simply up the FSB (Front Side Bus) a little bit (168 or so). This will speed up your overall clock, but it also overclocks your whole system, so go one notch at a time. I can run my 2800+ at 2.2GHz with a FSB at 176, but I prefer a more casual 2.1GHz @ 169 FSB.

Many things can hold you back, RAM being one, your motherboard another (some can change the multiplier & some, like mine, can't)


Yes, A * B = C. And if you exceed factory spec on "A", your warranty is void. However, AMD refuses to tell you the VALUE of "A"!!! Though, I have no doubt they are quite willing to tell you you're screwed.

it's not a big deal if you can do some basic math...

1,800/145 = 12.5

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