this is going to be a long thread coz i will explain the situation in detail. ok the problem is simple....the computer 'beeps'when i turn it on and then shuts down automatically and nothing comes on the screen.

these are the hardwares that i currently have

PSU: coolermaster extreme power 600W

motherboard: asus p5kpl

cpu: intel celeron D

HDD: 160GB, 7,200rpm(dont remember the manufacturer)

RAM: 2x1GB 667Mhz (dont remember the manufacturer)

VGA: 8800gt 512mb Gigabyte

Case: antec sonata 2

Optical drive: LG DVD-RW 16x

these are the parts tht i used. the computer was fine when i was using the old mobo which was GIGABYTE 945gme-ds2. when i put in the new mobo it doesnt work. so now i will tell u all the cables tht are connected to the motherboard.

mother board:
PRI_IDE (ide connector)
7pin SATA
AAFP (high defintion audio)
ATX 12v (4pin)
ATXPWR (24-pin)
system panel connector (speaker. reset, pwrsw, pled, +IDE_LED)
i think thts all about it. the peripherals are all connected the way they are used to. but i just odnt understand as to why doesnt it boot.

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it doesn't boot up because of driver /chipset differences of the new and old motherboard ,you most likely need to reinstall windows because of the new motherboard .

and how do i do tht when i see nuthin on the screen

can you describe the beep sound it make. is it when you turn on the pc or after it tries to boot up. is it one long beep or a series of beep

i turn it on i hear the fans running and after 2 sec i hear 3 beeps, then a 2 sec pause, then again 3 beeps. it does it a total of 3 times and shuts down.

now tell us what it the name of your bios in the top left hand corner of the screen or bottom left look like this

could be a memory problem Do you see anything on the screen

nothing comes up on the screen.

when you turn on the PC does the monitor light change to green then back to orange?

when you turn on the PC does the monitor light change to green then back to orange?

naa..its always the same color.

could it be because the heatsink is not seated properly coz one pin on the heatsink is broken. on my old mobo the heatsink wasnt seated properly as well but tht used to work fine.


i think i might be onto something. i just took my old mobo out and this is what i did. i put the cpu, 1 gb of ram, power supply cables and the comp started but i tried the same setup on the new mobo and it doesnt work. so could it be the mobo or the cpu or sumthin else

if you are not getting any signal on the monitor then it would point to the mother board, though not definitive. seeing that you swap Mother board and it booted then it would point to the board.

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