I have an old EVGA gaming machine that is about 3 yrs old. I am not sure if this thing was ever 100% even when it was brand new. I was always using the current drivers, dx9 ect…
1. For the first few months I would lose my resolution every once in a while and it would look like an old television with a rabbit ear antenna.
2. Then I eventually reinstalled windows and after that it seemed to work good for a little over a year.
3. Then starting about a year ago (only when in game) my graphics card would reset, pc would reboot or I would get a black screen and have to shut down my pc manually. This sort of thing started slowly then it got to be an every day event.

So I got a new graphics card 7800 GS with this I started to get a whole new list of problems.
1. Out of game my video card was resetting
2. Unable to use players or my resolution would crash to the point of manual shutdown.

Someone suggested a new power supply. So I got a 350 watt. This did not help still have the same problems.

I don’t think that I have a ram problem but I switched them around just for the hell of it and I still had the same problem. Then I pulled the ram out and after my pc wouldn’t start back up. It turns on but no graphics. I have seen this before and I know there is a way of starting my machine back up using an outside PS but I have forgotten how.

Any suggestions before I gut this pos and turn it into a web browsing machine?

Depending on how many drives @ what rpms, how much RAM, and what other options on you system a 350 watt PS will not be enough. You should really be running at least a 500 watt. I would really suggest a 750.

well if that is the case then i am going to put all the old components back in, take the 350W PS back and make this pc strickley for web browsing/dling. Then buy a barebones kit for my card and make a strickly gaming pc.

Well does anyone know how to repower my machine back up? This happened once before when i was massing around with my ram and a friend repowered it back up but i forgot how he did it. =P

350 watt isnt enough

your graphics card needs 450+