My computer keeps restarting while playing games. I have tried playing different games, and it has done it with 5 different games. I think it might be my graphics card, but I just bought a new one not even 2 months ago. I called my tech support and they told me to do a system recovery on my computer, so I did. It didn't fix the problem. They said the next step is to talk to me over the phone and go though my software to find the problem. I don't want to do this because it costs alot to do. Here is my info:

Compaq pasario pc
Windows XP home edition
DVD/CD drive
80 GB Hard disk space
NVIDIA GeForce Fx 5200 PCI 256MB graphics card

I just did the system recovery and the only things installed on my computer right now other then what it came with is:
NVIDIA graphics card
Second Life

And it is still doing it. Please help.

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That board needs a PSU with 250W and 18A on the 12V rail, does you PSU meet these specs?

How do I find out about my PSU? I don't know much about computers.

Which Presario exactly do you have?

Some friends and I have been experiencing this lately - particularly in EVE.

Some of us found a fix in downgrading video drivers. Others had success upgrading video drives.

And finally, some tweaked their sound settings (3D Sound, and so on).

my pc always restart while playing frozen throne, bandmaster, cabal online?
kindly please help me.!!

AMD Athlon(tm)Processor
LE -1640
2.9 GHz,896MB of Ram

pls help.

hi neccor and welcome to daniweb. You might try considering to open a new thread in the same forums since this thread is already 4 YEARS old. Thanks for understanding.

Just to ask do you have other similar problems when using other application, maybe internet or microsoft office or this problem occur when you play games?

These games really exercise the system - CPU, memory, video. A lot of this sort of shutdown/reboot problem occurs because of component overheating. Make sure that your system is effectively dust free, that the fans work properly, and that, as noted by others, your power supply is adequate to drive your system at max. A lot of these big-box store bought systems (even brands like HP/Compaq) have minimalist power supplies that can handle your average system load, but are fubar when it comes to working for a living. Even top-end gear can have this problem. My system is a custom built 8-core, 8GB monster with 750VA power supply. I run Linux, and the temperature monitoring software found that the memory was running so hot, that occasionally the operating system would shut down one of the 4 sticks, and map it out of use (Windows doesn't work quite so gracefully). By moving the memory sticks around I was able to improve air flow over them and reduce their average, and maximum, operating temperature by about 20 degrees. No more memory problems. If I had been running Windows like this, instead of mapping out the overheating RAM, it would have shutdown and/or rebooted the system, most likely...

Hi,i have this problem a long time ago and can't fix it.Can you help me i don't know how to check my PC configuration,and tell me what graphic card i must buy because this is very old.
Thank you!

Can you start a new thread and post for help. If you do not know how to start a new thread, reply to me in this thread.

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