The MB manual, and I'm crazy about the way they write these, says this board is good for Front Side Bus of 200/266/333. How do you determine which one it is? I suspect mine is probably the 200 and I would like to upgrade to the 333, but I don't know how to determine what is what. I get the feeling (from what I've read) it is determined by the CPU installed, and that maybe by virtue of the CPU it determines which of the three FSB units kicks in. If anyone can interject any thoughts on this it would be appreciated.
Thanks, Giddyup

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All 3 Replies CPU-Z can help you out with determining the FSB. The FSB, on a mobo that will permit, is a setting in your BIOS, or very rarely nowadays, a jumper on the mobo itself, that determines it. Also, increasing the FSB, means you would need to increase the processor voltage, if ever so slightly, so it won't be underpowered. Some processors will only take a little extra voltage, and then quit on ya any higher, thus why there are caps on certain processors as to how high you can overclock.

Good input; 'tiz appreciated. I'm not sure I can get anything additional off the board without overclocking, so I'm a bit reticent about doing that. With that in mind I'll probably investigate a new board; looking at an ASUS P4RD1-MX. I want to get into some pretty good video/multimedia work. Thanks for your reply.
Giddyup CPU-Z can help you out with determining the FSB. ]

You're so right, and I've discovered that I'm geting the 333 speed after doubling. Thanks for that tip.

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