I was playing around with my dad's new projector and I usually left click on my desktop and go into the NVIDIA Display > The Laptop Display..

I would then get the option to pick how I want to set up the monitors (Primary, Secondary, Clone, Horizontal, Vertical etc.)

Well I closed the same way i usually do and now when I left click and go into laptop display. And now I can't find this area...

In the menu these are my options...I have gone through them all and cannot find this spot...

- GeForce Go 6150
--Digital Flat Panel Settings
--Performance & Quality Settings
--Color Correction
--Video Overlay Settings
--Temperature Settings
--Screen Resolutions & Refresh Rates
-Desktop Management
-Menu editing

I attached a picture of what the menu looks like to help me out..

Thanks for any help

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Whenever the control panel does not display an option, it usuall means that there is no hardware detected that uses the option. I have a similar video card, and when it doesn't detect another display, it won't give me the multi option at all. Try disconnecting the projector, and then rebooting, then while it is running, reconnect the projector so that Windows can auto detect it. Try and repost.

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