I have a compaq Presario SR 1230Nx with 512 mb ddr-333 pc2700 ram. I was thinking about going up with ram to speed the machine up. Will that help?? Or does anyone have any suggestions that will help me. I have the Windows defender that eats machine time. I could probably get rid of that to speed things up. I am on Comcast so I have the McAffe. I am not sure if I need both. I guess that is another question I have?? Thanks for any help you all can give me.

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yeah go to 1 or 2gb (if it supports that much)

windows defender doesn't eat up much resources ,download ccleaner[just google for it ] and do a hard drive cleaning and a registry cleaning .
and yeah adding another 1gig will help ,even another 512 will help a lot .

An XP PC with 512MB should not be slow unless you are referring to gaming performance. For normal use, something is slowing down your PC -- quite possibly malware (adware/spyware) or McAfee security itself.

Run msconfig and disable all startup items and non MS services. See if that improves performance. If so, re-enable startup items/services until you find the problem.

Install, update and run SuperAntiSpyware:

mcaffee is a known memory hog

mcaffee is a known memory hog

all antiviri program are resource hogs lol

mcaffee is as bad as norton is

with 512 MB of RAM you can run a pc smoothly.
Get rid of programs that eats memory.
Check out how many program are running in the background.Too many programs running in background can make your computer run slow and can make your computer startup very slow.Disable all programs that runs automatically on startup .e.g messenger.you can run this manually when you need it.Maybe there are other programs that your not using that could be running in the backround.disable all of them and run them manually when u need it.

Defragment your hard disk every month,use a registry cleaner to find incorrect or obsolete information in the registry.And it will let your pc run faster.

You can use TuneUP Utilities to maintain your PC
There are options to Clean registry,Delete TEmp Files and Degraf hard disk.

Hello, I dont know what kind of OS u have. XP or Vista. Vista home addition in it self will slow u down. If you main ckt board will support 2G or more of ram u will see a world of difference in ur speed.

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