Dear friends

A silly problem as it may appear to u people but really really a big problem for me.

The fact is that I have to sit at my home computer in my room whole day (yes i am going unemployed these days) and work on computer. So the machine is almost on for 24 hours.

Now problem is that in case i put off the ceiling fan in my room fan, the CPU gets very heated and a strange noise starts coming from it and the intensity and pitch of noise goes on increasing with passage of time. Within half an hour, the CPU really really becomes very heated and produces a large noise. There have been instances where the computer has shutdown automatically and when i try to restart the machine the screen says "computer
shutdown to prevent damage from thermal event".

SO i have to put on the ceiling fan "on" even in this cold weather. As a result I am getting cough cold and sneezing continuously as i already have sinusitis. This is affecting my work that i do infront of my computer.

BUT i cannot also afford to put off ceiling fan as CPU gets heated very fast.

PLZ PLZ PLZ suggest me some realistic easy (and if possible inexpensive) way of cooling my cpu of computer without putting on ceiling fan. I would ideally want to have my computer ON for 24 hours. If required i am ready to spend some money if there is a good permanent cooling solution available.

Thanks so so much...!!!

Love u all

aaacheeeeeeeeeeeeee (sneezing me poor sunando)...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kolkata india

sunandoghosh at rediffmail dot com

p.s. by the way its intel 865 GBF Mboard and p4 3.0 with 2 GB of RAM and windows xp professional.

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Do you have a tower case? If you do, just open up the case as if you were going to install new hardware. Point a small desk fan ($5-20) into the opening of the case. This will work better than any small computer fan you can buy.



haan babumoshai,

iam doing it since i have purchased the pc this is a gud technique, i have put a small fan beside the cabinet with one side opened, so go ahead

take care of ur health

by the way saurav dada ko mera salaam kehna


Well, it depends if you have a really old CPU, and an old pc, you may wish to get a new CPU Heatsink and Fan. I would also make sure there is two case fans in your pc, one in the front pulling in air, and one in the back shooting out air. If you have all of these, put one fan on the side on your pc, and if you have that, which there is NO way your pc is overheating without that, unless you havn't cleaned the dust out of your pc, then you have to go with water cooling, but I don't think your problem is that serious.


DL and tell us what the tempurature is plz.

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