I recently replaced my old P5LP-LE asus motherboard(stock for the HP3000apavilion) with a GigaByte LGA 775 Intel P965 Express ATX Intel Motherboard becasue it would not support the Q6600 CPU I recently purchased. When I got everything into the case and powered up the machine would load until the "Windows" screen. (The one where the bars are going across XP) and shut off. Then I powered up again and the same thing happend, exept this time it didnt go as far. I tried re-setting the proccesor and the CPU fan(i heard if it was on correctly the machine shuts down due to fire risks) I also made sure that when I re connected everything to the mobo it was on securly. People have told me it could be the PSU since mine is only at 300MaxWatts and the Q6600 is known to take up 95Watts. Does anyone have any ideas as to what this might be?

That isnt it though :( when I removed the mobo and CPU and replaced my older parts and booted up my sound didnt work. I tried re-installing the RealTek drivers for my mobo and looked into all the settings that windows provides to monitor sound. I use headphones and speakers and both of them seem to not work. What is weird about this problem is that the microphone DOES work aside from the headphones. I restarted the system plenty of times and even went as far as to recover it with the HP's recovery system. I am so frustrated right now becasue even though its a small thing that isnt that important I have a coutner-strike match tommorrow and figured that if I would just go back to my old parts for the next couple of days and wait until monday to get the PSU that people have been advising me to pick up. !!! WHY DOES THIS STUFF HAPPEN TO ME! (Side note, ive also looked into my bios to see if the onboard sound had been disabled, but it hasnt so im good there.)

Lesson 1
Whenever you change certain Hardware on a PC you have to do a Clean install. items like Moboard. CPU. Windows will NOT recognized the new hardware. unless you reinstall the operating system

as for the sound not working on the old configuration you are missing a jumper check if there is a jumper setting for the moboard to enable the sound. also in system properties are any sound device showing a red X or yellow circle with black exclamation sign or a yellow question sign.

For front audio -- did you reconnect front audio cable?

And you do need more than a 300 watt PSU. 12VDC output is inadequate for a Q6600.

yes a new psu and a reinstall of windows is needed

a repair reinstall might work too - but it will leave you with a broken system 90% of the time