I purchased a Sony Vaio VGN-FE670G three weeks ago and today the backspace key keeps repeating like it is stuck.

The problem started when I noticed it had difficulty connecting to the internet so I attempted to shut down the machine, but it wouldn't shutdown and there were no programs open. It was hanging. After two attempts I had to manually shut it down. After restarting and going into word the backspace key keeps repeating. Making it difficult to type anything. If I hit the backspace key it stops momentarily and doesn't respond. But if I leave it alone for a few seconds it kicks up again. But the key is not phyiscally stuck.

I tried shutting down other programs and ran norton anti-vius and spyware scan. And ran the Vaio hardware diagnostics software. So far everything is negative. But i'm really disappointed because this is a practically new machine and has worked great up to this point.

Anyone have any suggestions.

Thanks a lot

i can not se ke boad

Does it stuck every time or only when you type special letters?
I had the same problem, but onle i type some letters like P K L H, and i even get the problem in the Bios :(

Currently encountering exact the same problem with my Sony Vaio, first lost of internet and now problem with backspace.
Curious if somebody can help me fix this problem

Did anyone get to the bottom of this. Have the same problem.

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