Hey there everyone, Im rebuilding my computer thats about 4 years old. So almost everything is getting replaced. I dont have tones of money to do it with or anything tho. I mostly spend my time playing games like Bioshock, Crysis, things along those lines. I'm looking for a Mobo (pci/pci-e) (duh) that will support playing games like this on relativly high settings. Any ideas out there for what exactly I am needing? I'm not terribly computer smart where it comes to the hardware aspect of it but I know enough. Thanks for any help i get guys

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You can get a decent board for $70-80 or so. The difference is gonna be the CPU & RAM which can be pricey. For gaming the faster the better, say something 2gh or better, the amount of ram is determined by the capacity of your OS. Also, for gaming, you want the AGP adapter and those tend to be quite pricey also.

You can get a decent board for $70-80 or so. .

would be a budget board to say the least ,a little more money needed for a decent board .

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