I just built a new PC it's an AMD athalon 2000+ with 256 mb ram, nvida PNY gforce 4 vid card maxtor 40 gig HD CD burner soyo K7ADA mother board.

The problem is it keeps messing up while installing windows XP such as when i was partioning it the first time at 99% it goes to a blue screen saying hardware malfunction notify your manufactuer. well i messed with it for a while and no luck i ran check disk and every thing cus that blue screen kept comming up.

finnaly i tried the maxtor software on it and it took me into a setup and i set the jumpers right and all that good stuff selected NTFS partion and after all that is said to restart my computer and insert my win. disk to install.

well i did and it partioned fine. after it was daone it said to restart so i did and now it comes up saying somthig about a path mising and i dont know what to do cus this is my first PC to build and every thing is brand new. so please halp me i need to get this built so i can start gaming again.

when i installed window xp with my cd burner it didn't work when i installed window on cd rom it does. try using a cd rom maybe that will work