Hello all;
I have a problem with my hard disk , I format my hard disk completely ,Then I boot it from CDRom
I want to install win98 on my PC , during installation when the computer is restarted to save some changes,next time it should boot from hard disk to process installation, but instaed of doing so it gives a black screen message

" :o
Invalid System Disk
Please remove any diskmedia or drives and then restart
" :o

it happens again and again as i restart computer or again format and reinstall.

If anyone of u knows its solution plz do tell me soon.
I have 128 Ram and 400MHz Processor.

=> Also when I install XP it is installed completely but when it start loading it become haulted.......................... :mad:

You must have the system set to "Boot from CD-ROM" in BIOS Setup, as first boot device, and have other boot devices disabled. Simply change the setting to enable the system to boot from hard drive.

Could very well be one of several or a combination of many different problems at play here. Catweazie has the first one covered.

For the second, download Memtest86 @ http://www.memtest86.com/memt31a.zip and it will create a bootable floppy for you, then take that back to your sick comp and let that sucker run for a good 8hrs to check all your physical memory.

If that doesn't turn up anything, check out the manufacturer of your hard drive, then go to their website and download the utility software for that company:

Maxtor @ http://downloads.maxtor.com/_files/maxtor/en_us/downloads/powermax.exe

Seagate @ http://download.seagate.com/seatools/registration.nsf/desktop?openform

Western Digital @ http://support.wdc.com/download/dlg/DlgDiagv504c.zip

Fujitsu @ http://www.fujitsu.ca/download/hdd/FJDT620.EXE

Samsung @ http://www.samsung.com/Products/HardDiskDrive/utilities/attach_file/Shdiag.exe

most of those require you to again have a bootable floppy than will run these programs from a fresh command shell.

Then if all else fails, the last, and probably most common solution to this type of problem...... file copy errors from the CD drive, caused either by a scratched disc, or dirty lens. But clean both anyway, (the CD-ROM should be dismantled and the laser gently rubbed with a Q-Tip and a tiny but of ISO Propyl)

Hope This Helps!!!

hello ;
Thanks to Catweazle and Blacksheep for such a help;
I tried all these methods but after various tries, i simply go to market, sell that pc , and buy a new one , and its working properly :cool:
any how thanks to u people for replying me.

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