Let's see, I was playing WoW and my Computer froze. So I turned it off by holding the power button. Next thing I know when I go to restart it I'm prompted to pick Safe Mode, Normal Mode, Etc. Nothing bad right?

Well here's where I'm confused. The computer accepts what ever answer I give it. Then loads to the Compaq screen and "turns off" just to return to the Safe Mode, Normal, Etc. screen.

So I tried one of the options, when it gets to the Compaq screen I can hit F1 for "System" (not sure what that's about really) or F10 for "System Recovery." Problem is that "System Recovery" just loads to a light blue screen. That's it... just a light blue screen. Which forces me to Manually turn it off again.

If someone could help me out I would really appreciate it!

Have you check the hdd?Random freezes and booting errors are most commenly caused by either bad sectors on the hdd or just plain hdd failure! you can even test the memory to make sure! let us know what you find>

It could be a corrupt windows registry, if don't have any important data try re-installing windows