Hi guys, i hope someone can help me. my pc is a 7 year old advent I bought myself a sata pci card and want to connect a new sata dl dvd burner. i have fitted the card to the pci slot but when i power up it gets half way through windows startup and stops screen goes blank. what i did find is the pc starts up in safe mode and when in safe mode i go to control panel system hardware and it shows up in there and says the driver is up to date im totally stuck here if any1 can help me that would be great thanks ...

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try installing the drivers for it. Just because windows thinks it is up to date does not mean it actually is. with the computer being 7 yrs old and SATA is newer than that (2002 or 2003 i think), i doubt windows has the right driver..

Go to control panel open the SYSTEM icon and access Device Manager. Look for the card and right click it, go to properties, choose update driver and feed it the disk that came with your card..

What are you doing with a 7 year old system anyway? UPDATE man Update!!!
Let me guess your still running Win 98?

Sorry ill be nice now.

Piece of advice "Just because a microsoft program says it's working just fine, 8/10 times it's lying".

update your drivers and you should be ok unles the SATA is pulling too much power from the Mobo which i doubt it will since PATA takes more power.

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