So I've been using the same self-made pc for about 2.5 years now. The other day it started acting funky and freezing/crashing. Last night, it just stopped booting period.

Here we go with the fun diagnosis part... what's dead?

At first I thought it was the HD as it usually beeps when the PC starts booting. I checked that out, and it wasn't even spinning up... we've found the culprit right? So just to double check I tried it out on my brother-in-law's pc... It most definetly spins up and boots just fine.

Now I'm lost and really don't know where to go next. The only other two things I could think of is the mobo or the power supply. Any other thoughts? The rest of the PC seems to start fine. All fans turn on (gfx, cpu, chipset), cd drives seem to start up as normal... just the HD doesn't spin up =(

The HD doesn't spin up...check if the HD cable if its working fine..try also another HD on your PC if it doesn't work then it could be a bad mobo

I would be tempted to try a new cable first fella


Yeah, I tried out new cables and same thing. I'll try out another HD and see what happens.

new drive = same thing =(