Okay, first a bit of background...

During hurricane Isabel, these folks decided to plug their computer into a generator, lacking other power.

Now, the computer won't come on at all. No POST, no keyboard lights, no beeps. I was thinking power supply, but there's a green light on the back of the power supply that comes on when it's plugged in. I'm not familiar with lights on power supplies, so I don't know if that's good or bad.

I'm thinking if they were really unfortunate it may have fried everything connected to the power supply - but how can I check the motherboard/processor? Barring the concept of completely gutting a working computer and trying them in there, that is.. is there some tool, or some visual clue? Or can I pretty much give the whole thing up as lost?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated..

i would take the power supply from my computer or a spare one if i had one ,and plug it into there's

You will need to open up the power supply. There might be an internal fuse inside the power supply. The green light probably means that the supply is receiving AC input, but there might be a fuse further down the path that is open, thus the supply does nothing.

visual toolhmmmmmmmmm....you can usually smell a fried comp and opening the power supply will void any warranty mind you remeber its not the power off that hurts your board its the power "dips" just thought I contribute to an old post

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