I cannot remember when it started happening but sometime Quarter Four of last year I started seeing “seams” in games I play that were never previously there.

The “seams” vary from game to game (In World of Warcraft there was a seam running down the middle of all characters if I turned them to the side, and also where branches attached to tree trunks)

In Final Fantasy XI the seams are everywhere, running from where grass textures meet, to cave, walls, everything (moderately spaced out but still common), also in Final Fantasy XI there are places where shadows are not blending with light properly leaving a line of shadow with shadow on one side and light on the other, this was not previously experienced this is also experienced in World of Warcraft.

In Final Fantasy XI (It’s the main game I play so I’ll be using it for most examples) textures on equipment will flicker, not the whole piece of equipment just parts of it, this extends to hair, armor, boots, and, pretty much all pieces of gear, the weird thing is that this flickering only happens depending on which zone (area) I am in in the game.

The flickering also happens to magma, while exploring a volcano I saw a stream of magma what was constantly flicking, non stop, rapidly.

I thought it was my 7300LE graphics card, so I replaced it with a 8600GT, problem still there, tried a different monitor, no fix, tried a different VGA cord but that did not help, cleaned out my PC still no fix, changed drivers, no fix, checked for malware, spyware, and virus, none of the above, and also defragged, I am at a complete loss as to what could be causing this, if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

What type of monitor do you have?



and do you experience this when you are using the pc for normal stuff, in windows

To be quite honest, I'm not sure what type of Monitor I have, if you can let me know how to find out I can tell ya.

No, this only applies to games as far as I've seen (I'm a Computer Graphic Design (WEB) student in college so I use applications a lot)

Also noticing that sometimes water graphics are not showing up in Final Fantasy XI (Waves, currently, waterfalls, etc show up, but the water coloration itself will not sometimes... but sometimes it will)

a CRT is the big bulky monitor large protruding back to hold the tubes,,,,,,,,,, LCD is the flat screen and flat back.....is this a MAC or windows pc.

I have a flat monitor, and I use windows XP

When you said "Cleaned out my PC" in your top post does that mean you formatted it? or just deleted some files?

are you usign the correct refresh rate or screen resulution for the games. I say game because you are only experiencing this issue when you run the game......also you did state that you are a developer, is this happening to game you are currently working on. or retail version of games

Retail games (I make website not games) and my monitors max refresh rate is 75 so I changed it to that.

When I said "cleaned out" I meant cleaned out the dust, fur, and fuzz, nothing about cleaning files and other such things.

ok my bad, but you do need to get some updates and see if the ganmes have setting to change the resolution or refresh rate.

I have not gotten any Windows Updates in a long time. (where you go to the windows download page)

Going into the game, changing the refresh rate (which has to be done via my Graphics Card Options thingy) changes nothing (was originally 60 before I buffed it up to 75, no change)

Any in the game config you can change the resolution, I've tried them all, different resolutions cause certain seams to disappear but new ones to pop up in different locations.

I'm more concerned with the texture flickering and the water not showing up sometimes more than the seams though.

open IE and click on help and choose windows updates or click here

when i say go intot he game i don't mean your display setting,,when you srtart the game you should have a menu you can change setting

open IE and click on help and choose windows updates or click here

when i say go intot he game i don't mean your display setting,,when you srtart the game you should have a menu you can change setting

I don't play World of Warcraft anymore so I cannot test that one.

Final Fantasy XI is originally a Playstation 2 MMO that got ported to PC (and Xbox360 eventually) so the only way to change any graphic settings with it is via the Final Fantasy XI Config, which has it's own "background resolution" and "texture resolution" menus, changing things only does what I had stated, gets rid of some seams but pops up new ones.

There is no refresh rate in the FFXI config, so any change I make to that would be via my Graphics Card Options.

These things were not always there (well, a few seams here and there since it's a PS2 port, but not as much as I am seeing, and I never noticed the texture flickering, and definitely the sometimes missing water was never there.)

Been playing FFXI since 2004.

What would you recommend I download from the Windows site, it has plenty of stuff to offer, just curious as to what you think might help.

Also noticed that my refresh rate is at 60hz, anything above that makes the screen blurry so, not gonna be changing that I guess, thought I changed it but that must have been back when I first installed this driver. (I had switched back again between my 8600GT and 7300LE just to compare the problems and the issues are the exact same for both)

download all the one that are listed in the high priority section and if there is any thing for your hardware like video driver, blow out the slot with some air, and clean the pins on the card, no dust or finger print

I'll do downloads tomorrow as I am tired and have a Class tomorrow morning, so I'll get to downloads as soon as I get home, and the Graphics card pins, and the PCs Graphics card slot are clean.

When I go to update it gives me a Error number: 0x80072EE7, done searches on a way to fix this but, unsuccessful.

Finally found a fix, downloaded all the important files, no fix still, still good to have my PC updated though.