I have a ECS RC410-M Rev 1.1 motherboard running a Pentium D 945 3.4 ghz processor, it has ran well for over six months, now everytime I connect a USB device that is 2.0 it connects at 2.0 high speed, but after a short time of use it reverts back to 2.0 Full speed which is 12 mhz. The biggest problem is if you have an external hard drive connected and are doing a backup it fails. I downloaded all of the current drivers I could find, including Microsoft KB90673 fix for USB 2.0.

I am running Windows XP Home with SP 2 and all of the Microsoft updates installed.

I bought a new ECS RC410-M Rev 1.3 made for HP by ECS and I reinstalled XP on it and I am getting the same error with this motherboard.

If anyone has experienced this problem and has an answer to these questions I would appreciate hearing from you.

1. Which HP PC uses the ECS RC410-M rev 1.3 LGA775 DDR-2 PCI-e x16 motherboard. I know HP calls it a Asterope GL8E.

2. Any other place to get current drivers for the motherboard. Elitegroup doesn't even list the RC410-M

3. It has an Southbridge ATI Chipset IXP450, can't find this either.

Currenlty I am in the process of sending the new motherboard I bought back to the company I bought it from.

All information relating to this problem will be appreciated.

Thanks a tired old retired Marine who has been fixing computer hardware and software for the past 40 years.

Semper Fi.
This may seem like Gen. Halftrack or at least Lt. Fuzz but this seems to be a hdwr. error, non-related to sftwr. you're apparently trying to solve it with.
PSU failing/failed?

Semper Fi to you also.

The problem is not a failing PSU. At this point I have narrowed the problem down to bad Memory. Now until I get the new memory in for the PC I will not know for sure if the memory fixes the problem or not. As soon as I am able to test the new memory in the PC to see if the USB 2.0 problem is resolved I will post a reply to this problem letting you all know if that resolved the problem or not. If it does I will also mark the problem resolved.

Thanks to all of you who have offered suggestions. This is a first for me to see bad memory show a problem in the USB 2.0 area usually applications fail in memory when there is a memory problem.

The #ECS RC410-M motherboard is also distributed by
# HP/Compaq under the name: Alhena-GL6 in their Pavilion a1410y model. You might find difference updates at: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c00783599&lc=en&dlc=en&cc=us&lang=en&product=3254035#N368

I was wanting to ask hlwillia a few questions about the 945 processor that you are running. Can you tell me what kind of speed and performance your getting with it on this board and what kind of cooling fan your using?

I just bought a Pentium D #SL9QB which is a dual core 3.40 GHz with 4M of L2 cach with 800 FSB. I am hoping that this processor will work on my motherboard but could not find any specific confirmation that it would. I thought since you had one very similar you might know. Any information you might lend would be appreciated.

Try to double check your memory card. Normally, it is the memory that gets conflict with.

thats the least of its problems , the atx connector gets hot and frys the motherboard . its a piece of crap

looking for a stronger motherboard with more memory slots and more audio

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