I'm trying to build a new machine. I already have everything except the motherboard, and I can't figure out which to get. So far I have an Athlon 64 X2 6400+, 4 GB ram, 8800GTS 512MB, 680 Watt PSU. Do not intend to setup SLI, just need a real good motherboard for gaming. Any suggestions?

I dont think that u need the best AMD mobo as you have already got the CPU/RAM etc, what you should actually need is the mobo to go with the stuff u already have, you know like compatible with your RAM/Video cvard and also be able to support your 6400+ cpu as well.
You can try for Asus m3a Mobo, u have potential to get 4gb on top of the 4gb u already have on that one. Or theres ABit an52v Mobo to go with ur cpu as well.

Hope this helps ya.

Ah well, I was thinking a good enough motherboard to support expansion and upgrade in case I want to do it. I was researching motherboards and trying to find the best north bridge as well as which motherboards are less likely to have driver troubles or whatnot. I actually bought a pretty good Gigabyte motherboard but it was defective when I got it. The board was micro and I was thinking of pushing it to full board.

Did u manage to check out the ones i mentioned in the above post. Asus can support upto 8gb ram, more than what anyone could ever ask for. Obviously you would be able to replace it by the manufacturere in case any of them are faulty. Now i dont really remember whether the ones i included in the earlier post are micros or full ATXs. I ll leave that on you to research mate.


I checked them out, from your suggestion I actually picked another abit mobo. I bought the abit AX78.

Weel as long as you are sorted for your query. Good luck with it.