I recently had an Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 2.33G 65N given to me, and I have found a few mobo's that will support it, but wondered if there was an easier way to go about searching for a compatible board without going through the whole tedious process. I thought I would ask if anyone knows if there is a site that specializes in matching CPU's to mobo's

as long as the FSB is compatable and it's the right socket, it will work fine.

i suggest anything ASUS

Well you can always search for the CPU name and look for bundle offers on net. You ll find quite a few i'm sure. but is you just search for motherbords only you will be able to find some where they ll have compatible cpu desciption on em as well.

I use ebuyer.co.uk mostly, novatech.co.uk as well. So there u go. Give em a shot and i m sure u ll be sorted.


It doesn't have to have a 1333 fsb. for it to really make a diff you would have to buy ddr3 ram and it's expensive

Yes it does have to be a 1333MHz or 1600MHz FSB motherboard to support that CPU.

Motherboard I recommended uses DDR2 RAM.

Thank you to everyone for the advice. :) It has helped me in my search.

I found this website that has the ease of seeing if a MOBO supports a CPU. I would like to know if anyone knows of a site that is similar to this site that gives you information on CPU matchup to MOBO.


I d say now u r just being greedy...;-p

But here s another one you might wanna have a look at tigerdirect.com.

If you google for pc components you ll find absolutely bucket loads of such websites.