Hi!! I recentley bought some new components and i started to asambel the PC at home. So far so good... The problem ocured when i powered on the PC, there is no display and no beep teling me that the computer is starting to boot. Al the fans are working there is power to the HDD but that`s about all it does.
I checked al the cables, i reseted the BIOS(Award), i checked the MB/CPU pins, the RAM are OK, and i also started the PC outside the case to remove any chance of a short. I know the video card is not the problem...
The configuration is:
Corsair XMS2 2*2048GB
EVGA 9800 GX2
Fortron Epsilon 700W
Any idea`s? pls

Have you tried booting it up by connecting one component at a time and see where it hits the wall for ya. The thing with assembling pc yourself is you can miss out any tiny detail and could loose the whole system functionality. So i would connect everything one by one to single out the culprit. Your specs look quite alright for a start. It could be anything mate. Try the above and then see if it solves the issue or brings u close to the solution. Do let us know


After i rechecked all the components there is stil no display but now i hear a continuous beep...

check to make sure you have the correct RAM installed and make sure it is seated properly

Try one ram at a time in different slots also make sure your slots are clean