Hello guys, I need some assistance in data recovery. My hard drives "quit" on me...okay maybe it's partly my fault... So one day I noticed my computer's Internet was connecting/disconnecting by itself a lot while I was using my XP. I have a dual boot with XP and 2k. I then restarted and boot into 2k to try to isolate whether the problem was XP only. It turned out it wasn't so I rebooted again to get back to XP, but something seem to corrupted the registry and it told me i am missing some file. I tried 2k and it broke too... (I could've use the proper to fix the registry but i didn't..regret skipping that.) Instead I took the suggest windows give and booted into recovery console (which i had no idea how to use) I used a older XP boot disk and went into the console. It is supposed to detect my system but for some reason it detected my 2k instead (which is D:\WINNT, my XP was on C:\) Anyway I didn't give it much respect and logon to my 2k. Of couse windows didn't tell me what to do in the recovery console so I tried "fixboot C:" under 2k. After that was done, I kept on thinking something wasn't right; so to my thought that when I tried to check my C: root drive, it display nothing (volume serial 0000-0000, no directories, etc weird properties.) Of course when I rebooted i end up given the message NTDLR is missing. This alarmed me as I couldn't find where is my file. I managed to check with hard rive using the windows setup program and see my partition was still there (however the amount of free space available was off). I have three drive (C,D, E) each is about 25 GB. I managed to recover my D and E drive with Ubuntu live CD but my C: partition structure seems to have been damaged and could not be access. I tried to use Testdisk 6.5 on Knoppix but was a bit uneasy of the possibilities of making it worst (I already made one mistake with the fixboot thingy) so I didn't proceed and right now my computer is just sitting there doing nothing. can anyone assist me in getting my file back (if that's even possible)?

If i posted in the wrong section please excuse me and feel free to move it to other section. (I asked in the dead machine and they said data recovery belong here?)

why not take da hd off from ur pc and hook it up to another pc run a full virus and spyware scan on it and then run a data recovery program to recover wuteva that was on c: drive ;)

I can't get hold of another computer right now; all I got is another laptop which doesn't support ATA cable. I would prefer if I can run the data recovery program locally since I can use my external usb drive.

hmmm how bout getting another hd and installing xp on it and give a shot at recovering your data...cuz you'll need a separate hd if you're gonna do a raw data recovery