hi guys this never happen to me before i got my pc from like 3 years and every thing is fine i know its the temperature as i downloaded speed fan and check the heat but there is some thing weird there is 2 fans in my pc the big one that in the back of the pc and the one hanging beside the gfx card i checked them but the weird thing that the 2 fans spin normally and nothing wrong with them but the weird thing that speed fan show only 1 fan works not the 2 works ????? there is temp1 in speed fan and this is normaly from 39C to 45C the big problem is with temp2 is go from 48C to 59 or 60C and the HD temp is normal too from 38C to 44C i got a fan beside the cpu and open it now temp 2 go from 46C to 51C i think the damn problem is in temp 2 i just want to know whats fan i have to change the big one or the other one beside the gfx card and this only happened when i play games after 10 minutes the pc reboot here is a picture of the speedfan please help me guys T_T

this is the speedfan pic

and this is the latest error properties


The temp you want to be concerned about is that of the CPU. I don't trust most utilities to read the temps, but Everest Home Edition is one that consistently mirrors what is showing in the BIOS. It also is specific in what temps are being read.

Have you tried cleaning out the dust and pet fur? As I said previously, the CPU is the important one, make sure that the heat sink and fan a free of dust. While your at it do a visual inspection to be sure that the heat sink and fan are properly attached to the CPU.

What make and model is you computer, if it's a home brew what is the motherboard and processor? How large is the PSU? What graphics card are you using? How much RAM do you have?